My Top 50 Albums of 2013

Don’t feel like writing a big thing about it, so here’s a list. Scroll down to the bottom for a Spotify playlist of all of them. 2013 was a fun year.


1. Anna Von Hausswolff - Ceremony
2. Kanye West - Yeezus
3. Paramore - Paramore
4. Moonface - Julia With Blue Jeans On
5. Braids - Flourish // Perish
6. Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle
7. M.I.A. - Matangi
8. CHVRCHES - The Bones Of What You Believe
9. A$AP Ferg - Trap Lord
10. Chelsea Wolfe - Pain Is Beauty

11. The Knife - Shaking The Habitual
12. Earl Sweatshirt - Doris
13. Julia Holter - Loud City Song
14. Danny Brown - Old
15. Cheyenne Mize - Among The Grey
16. Blue Hawaii - Untogether
17. Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels
18. Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe
19. Bill Callahan - Dream River
20. Darkside - Psychic

21. Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap
22. Pharmakon - Abandon
23. Pusha T - My Name Is My Name
24. Marnie Stern - Chronicles of Marnia
25. Deafheaven - Sunbather
26. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
27. Drake - Nothing Was The Same
28. Dawn Richard - Goldenheart
29. Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer Different Park
30. Charli XCX - True Romance

31. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
32. Phosphorescent - Muchacho
33. My Bloody Valentine - m b v
34. Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt
35. Mountains - Centralia
36. The Internet - Feel Good
37. Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady
38. Swearin’ - Surfing Strange
39. Majical Cloudz - Impersonator
40. Thundercat - Apocalypse

41. Pity Sex - Feast of Love
42. Gesaffelstein - Aleph
43. Dungeonesse - Dungeonesse
44. Widowspeak - Almanac
45. 2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME
46. Icona Pop - This Is… Icona Pop
47. Ariana Grande - Yours Truly
48. Italians Do It Better - After Dark 2
49. Deerhunter - Monomania
50. Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Spotify Playlist: 2013 Top 50 Albums

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Katy Perry singles, ranked


13. "Firework" (3.6)

12. "E.T." (3.9)

11. “Hot n Cold” (5.1)

10. “I Kissed a Girl” (6.0)

9. “Waking Up in Vegas” (6.6)

8. “Part of Me” (7.0)

7. “California Gurls” (7.5)

6. “Roar” (8.1)

5. “The One That Got Away” (8.4)

4. “Thinking of You” (8.8)

3. “Wide Awake” (9.1)

2. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” (9.9)

1. “Teenage Dream” (10.0)

13. “E.T.”

12. “I Kissed A Girl”

11. “Part of Me”

10. “California Gurls”

9. “Thinking Of You”

8. “The One That Got Away”

7. “Waking Up In Vegas”

6. “Firework”

5. “Roar”

4. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

3. “Wide Awake”

2. “Hot n Cold”

1. “Teenage Dream”

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Now that my new #1 album is (finally) on Spotify, this is a good time to post my ever-changing top 25 albums of 2013 playlist

1. Braids - Flourish // Perish
2. Kanye West - Yeezus
Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle
Paramore - Paramore
5. Anna Von Hausswolff - Ceremony
6. Blue Hawaii - Untogether
7. Julia Holter - Loud City Song
8. Deafheaven - Sunbather
9. Cheyenne Mize - Among The Grey
10. The Knife - Shaking The Habitual
11. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
12. Pharmakon - Abandon
13. Marnie Stern The Chronicles of Marnia
14. Chance the Rapper Acid Rap
15. Daft Punk Random Access Memories 
16. Run The Jewels Run The Jewels
17. Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus
18. Deerhunter Monomania
19. Matmos - The Marriage Of True Minds
20. Dawn Richard - Goldenheart
21. Phosphorescent - Muchacho
22. Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer Different Park
23. My Bloody Valentine - m b v
24. Kurt Vile - Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze
25. Widowspeak Almanac

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In Defense Of Not Defending Foxygen


A few days ago, the L Magazine published an article defending Foxygen from the surges of internet hatred. And to be fair, people really hate Foxygen, and they’re clearly a young band that doesn’t need the stress of that.

But because I love Foxygen a lot, the article disappointed me with its…

Here’s my response to each point in Ari’s problematic ‘defense’ of classic rock leeches Foxygen. As a note: he loves the band, and I quite dislike them. I wrote this off very little sleep this morning and didn’t feel like editing, so please ignore typos/non-sensical sentences.

1. Why is the success of the ‘machine’ a good thing, necessarily? Why is a band going through a protracted version of the artistic ‘struggle’ a good thing? I’d argue that this point is pretty much the start and end of Foxygen’s problems: the machine churned them out way too quickly, and they had no idea how to adapt to their new, BNM-receiving life. As someone who saw them tank the fuck out at Pitchfork Festival (shout out to yung gun Drew Millard's write up), it wasn’t an off day. There seemed to be a derision for the ‘indie rock’ (more on this in a bit) system that Foxygen exuded. Would this be the case if they’d built their way up rather than having such a short promotional cycle?

2. This ties back to #1, but isn’t, in my opinion, anything admirable or great. Are we supposed to feel bad that the band succeeded so quickly? I bet a ton of bands working their asses would LOVE the opportunity to, ya know, not flame out at P4K because they feel above it. 

3. “Indie rock is boring” is in itself a boring statement to make. Not feeling up to rewarding someone for supposedly being more interesting (they’re funny in interviews? So are 38574784746976 other bands). This is probably a point that could be in another piece.

4. This one is going to veer into ‘musical preference’ territory, but if Foxygen isn’t producing good music (to me), why should I care if they make it? Also, kinda hard to call them ‘losers’ (at least in a music industry sense) with all the hype they’ve gotten.

5. Do you know Sam France? Do I? Nope. What he does is only really shown in his music and his interviews, neither of which are all that fascinating so as to accuse someone of lacking empathy because they want them to fail.

6. Robin Thicke’s album is generally way better than Foxygen’s, for what it’s worth.

7. It’s a dumb fucking name, Ari.

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Ranking The Sets I Saw At Pitchfork 2013

I’m way too tired to actually write something about this, so instead, here’s a list because Internet. 

1. R Kelly (duh)

2. Killer Mike

3. El-P (plus Killer Mike as Run The Jewels)

4. Julia Holter

5. Swans

6. Bjork 

7. Phosphorescent

8. Wire

9. Waxahatchee

10. Lil B

11. Toro Y Moi

12. Autre Ne Veut

13. Savages 

14. Metz

15. Foxygen

And here are some more really cool custom posters for Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim.’ All artists and info can be seen at Blurppy’s website.

The Jaws one is perfect.

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how you say “my love” in thug?: On Pickup Artists, Consent, and Why I'm Actually Mad


This week, one of my favorite websites, much to my dismay, posted a really frustrating interview with/apologia for Ken Hoinsky, an author of pickup artist-type dating advice, written by Maria Bustillos. I won’t go into the backstory here, because I’m going to assume you know it and are sick of…

read read read. 

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What in the fuck was that Kanye?
I told you to do some shit for the kids
You can give me your muhfucking graduation ticket right now
You will not walk across that stage, you won’t slide across that stage
Muhfucka can’t pull you across that stage Kanye
Who told you, see, I told you to…

Meaghan taught me.

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J Cole moving his album up to June 18th to go up against Kanye?

J Cole moving his album up to June 18th to go up against Kanye?